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From the Provost's Blog

Moving Towards More EPIC Learning – 09 January 2015
Happy New Year, everyone! EPIC Learning means that our students are experiencing a pedagogical approach that uses external collaboration (E), is project-based (P), is interdisciplinary in nature (I) and is an integral and explicit part of our curricula (C).  If we imagine all of our curricula and courses as being in a big box, each […]

I’m back! Meeting of the ALT of 22 October 2014
Greetings, Fellow Leopards! This blog entry has been a long time coming, primarily because all of you have been doing so many things to keep Wentworth moving forward and becoming better and I’m just trying to keep up.  Now, it’s the middle of the Fall semester, and mid-terms should be over.  Grading them all will […]

Strategic Plan | Designing the Future 9.0

The original five year Wentworth strategic plan was approved by the Board of Trustees on September 2006 and became effective in October 2006. As we complete the third year of our Strategic Plan process, most of the strategic initiatives have been successfully implemented.... Read More →

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