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Retired Lieutenant Colonel David Hencke used part of his keynote speech at Wentworth’s Nov. 10 Veterans Day Luncheon to recognize the strong relationship that the Institute has had with military personnel over the years.

"I love designing things, and I felt good thinking about creating a product that puts smiles on people’s faces."

Townes Gibson
Industrial Design Student
Townes Gibson Voice

Townes Gibson

Industrial Design

Townes Gibson, an Industrial Design student, spent his fall semester at LovePop, a Boston-based greeting card company that specializes in three-dimensional imagery that “pops up” as a person opens a card. One of the design challenges in a LovePop card is its level of intricacy. Each laser-cut card contains complex pieces that must display a high level of detail while also folding back into place when the card is closed without damaging the design. “It’s highly engineered,” Gibson says. “And we’ve definitely drawn some inspiration from origami.”