Why Wentworth?

If you want a return on investment, look here.

Did you know? Within six months after graduation, 97% of our students are either employed in jobs paying a median annual salary of $64,000, or enrolled in graduate school. In addition, the Brookings Institute ranks Wentworth among the top seven schools in the U.S. for occupational earnings power, with a score of 100/100.

What makes our students so successful? For one, we attract — and admit — great candidates. Bright, talented people like you who are committed to making an impact on the world. Who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

Here you'll work collaboratively with our exceptional faculty, many of whom come from industry and draw from their own professional experience. With small class sizes and no TAs, you'll form close relationships with your professors, who are happy to mentor you as you prepare for your career.

We also offer a wide range of academic resources designed to help you succeed. At Wentworth, success happens beyond the classroom — through participation in clubs and athletics, in our libraries and residence halls, and by the many innovative activities, inspiring events, and powerful learning experiences you'll encounter here.

Finally, there are Wentworth's three key factors of career success that enable Wentworth students to stand out in a competitive job market.

Hands-On + Project-Based Learning

that starts the moment you step on campus and enter the labs, studios, and classrooms. You'll learn by doing, gaining the ability to identify and solve problems by developing and testing models. You'll connect complex theory and practice by working things out in the real world. The result: your competence and confidence will soar.

Co-ops + Careers

is about gaining the real experience you need to successfully enter the workforce. You’ll be required to complete a minimum of two paid co-ops, where you'll put your knowledge into practice. Boston affords a wide choice of organizations in which to explore co-op and career opportunities — 94% of the Class of 2018 are employed in their field of study and 56% received a full-time offer from their co-op employer.

Innovation + Entrepreneurship

is about making innovative ideas and solutions functional, actionable, and marketable. This is a key driver of economic growth and it will accelerate your growth as well. We're in the heart of Boston's dynamic innovation engine, fueled by leading technology, research, manufacturing, health sciences, and financial firms. Our brand new, 75,000-square-foot Center for Engineering, Innovation and Sciences is home to Accelerate, our student-driven entrepreneurship center, as well as 21 labs, four project rooms, 10 collaboration spaces, and more than $1 million worth of state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation. Here you can design, build, test, and refine your own innovative ideas and solutions.