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Looking for a college where you can expand your mind, work with your hands, and invent your future? Welcome to Wentworth.

We get you. You're not the kind of student who'll be satisfied just taking notes and tests for four years, getting a degree and looking for a job... You want to get your hands dirty. You want to graduate with knowledge and skills that are in demand, and hit the ground running in an exciting career where you can make a difference.

Boston's Wentworth Institute of Technology attracts serious students like you who want to bring their passion and talent to bear on real-world problems. By working collaboratively and taking risks, our students embrace new learning experiences, brainstorm creative solutions, and put their hearts and minds into everything they do.

Hear for yourself how our students benefit from our unique combination of advanced technical knowledge with practical learning experiences. The result: 97% of students from the class of 2019 accepted a job or enrolled in a graduate program within six months of graduation.

Derek Wong Applied Mathematics

Olivia Hegner Architecture

Israel Shaw Civil Engineering