Cooperative Learning:

Immersion and impact in real-world environments

Wentworth’s cooperative education program (co-op) is one of the most comprehensive in the country and forms the basis for our high placement rate for graduates among leading organizations—locally, nationally, and worldwide. At Wentworth, two semesters of co-op placements are required (a third semester is optional). The simple reason for this is that the 21st-century economy moves too quickly to allow newly minted professionals time to get their feet wet and their hands dirty. Wentworth graduates hit the ground running and achieve career success because they already have extensive experience applying classroom knowledge to real-world situations.

Co-ops allow students to become adept at handling new situations where the stakes are real—as are the deadlines, the budgets, and the expectations. Selected with the help of an advisor, co-op experiences are directly related to a student’s major course of study. They typically begin after the second year at Wentworth (Architecture majors do their first co-op in their sophomore year), ensuring that the student has a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to apply in the field. During co-op terms, students earn income yet do not pay tuition; furthermore, if the co-op placement is local, students can choose to live on campus, maintaining close connections to friends and to Wentworth activities.

For our students, co-op experiences are some of the most memorable of their Wentworth years. They can have the longest and strongest impact, as well:

wentworth leadership institute

The Wentworth Leadership Institute is a leadership development program offered by our Division of Student Affairs. This three-year experiential learning initiative provides students with the tools needed to be effective leaders—and to apply what they learn in seminars, conferences, and exercises in their various roles and activities on campus. Though optional, the Leadership Institute is a powerful and transformational experience that prepares students to differentiate themselves upon graduation and enjoy successful careers through their expertise in interpersonal and group management, problem solving, critical thinking, and effective communication.

Wentworth Leadership Institute participants gain:
Personalized leadership training and development
Knowledge and skills in how to effectively work in and lead groups—an increasingly essential professional ability
A valuable, substantive addition to their resumes
A Certificate of Leadership Development upon completion of the program, bestowed at an annual awards ceremony