Collaboration & Partnerships:

Real-world projects, real-world impact

Wentworth collaborates with leading universities, corporations, and other partners on a wide range of projects. These opportunities provide students with hands-on experience and valuable professional connections as they interact with and serve the needs of partners such as GE Aviation who seek out fresh ideas from Wentworth undergraduates. Wentworth also makes it a priority to engage students in projects that benefit the community in which we operate. The engine for our local involvement and service learning initiatives is the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships (CLP).

For a number of years, major corporations such as GE Aviation in nearby Lynn, Massachusetts, have approached Wentworth because they want to leverage the student body as a source of new ideas and inspiration. For example, GE engineers will come to campus and present a problem to a class; these are actual projects, a recent one being a redesign of a jet engine component. Students work on their ideas, often using advanced design software and 3-D printers with coaching from the company’s engineers. Then students will present their ideas to the company and later when a solution has been approved, the class is invited out to the company’s facility for a demonstration. These partnerships effectively place real-world projects into the curriculum, and have expanded co-op and job placement opportunities for students.

Founded in 2005, the CLP is the result of efforts by faculty, staff, students, and community representatives to create partnerships that address neighborhood concerns while enhancing the educational and professional environment at Wentworth. CLP programming is organized within three areas of concern: College Access, Community Engagement, and Service Learning.

college access

The Center offers a number of programs focused primarily on Boston Public School (BPS) students. These programs provide mentoring, inspiration, and information to encourage BPS students to pursue higher education, and to boost minority participation in the architecture, construction, management, design, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.

community engagement

Wentworth offers a number of programs that enable students to utilize their skills in service to society. These include Alternative Spring Break, in which students spend a week working together on community-based projects here in Boston and around the country; co+build, which engages students in local hands-on, service-based projects; Community Work Study, a federally funded program that provides financial assistance to students who work with a community-based organization, lead a campus-based service program, or work with faculty on a service-learning project; and the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, in which students are trained to prepare income taxes for low-income clients as a free service.

service learning

Infused throughout the Wentworth experience, this project-based program enriches learning, teaches social responsibility, and strengthens communities. We allow service learning projects to be executed through coursework under the direction of faculty, student clubs and organizations, co-ops with community organizations, or as the required senior year capstone. Through our Certificate Program, students can receive academic recognition for their service learning and community engagement work.