Special Circumstances/ Appeals

Wentworth strives to provide the most suitable financial aid package based upon the information provided to our office. We make every effort to provide assistance to all students who qualify.  Please be aware that all financial aid awards are need-based. 

You may request a review of your financial aid package if there is a change in your family’s circumstances or if there is an unusual situation that your family may be facing.  Federal guidelines are very strict pertaining to special circumstances.  These circumstances typically fall under one of the following categories:

  • Loss of employment.
  • Loss of taxable/untaxed income (i.e., child support, alimony or worker’s compensation).
  • Separation or divorce after the FAFSA has been filed.
  • Death of a parent/spouse.
  • One-time income distribution on the FAFSA (i.e., pension or IRA distribution, inheritance, or bonus).
  • Medical or dental expenses exceeding 11% of your adjusted gross income.

Special Circumstances do not include the following:

  • Student or parent(s) who does not wish to borrow to cover educational expenses.
  • Parent(s) refusal to contribute to educational expenses.
  • Parent(s) payment of student loans for older sibling.
  • Expenses such as credit card debt, wedding expenses, sports, enrichment activities, etc.

The review process has two steps.  The first step is verification of the family’s FAFSA.  Follow this link to complete the verification process.  The second step is to complete the Special Circumstances form and provide the requirement documentation.  Please complete all sections of the Special Circumstance form as completely and accurately as possible.  Your file will not be reviewed until all documentation is submitted.

Once the verification is complete and all documentation is submitted, the review will take approximately 10 to 15 business days to complete.  Additional processing time may be needed if more information is required.  Your Financial Aid Counselor will update you on the decision.To begin the process, contact your Financial Aid Counselor.