Hearing Support Services

The complaining and responding parties have the opportunity to have a support person present at a hearing who may not be an attorney. A list of faculty/staff support persons who have offered to serve in this role is available from the Office of Student Affairs. No faculty or staff is required to accept a request from a party to serve as a support person. A party may also ask another member of the Wentworth community to serve as a support person. The support person may assist the party before the hearing in preparing a statement, reviewing the process, and seeking answers to any questions that the party may have. Hearing support persons are present for support only and are not permitted to ask or answer questions, present evidence, or make any statements during the hearing.  The Institute does not warrant the competency or ability of any volunteer support person.

If you have been approved for reasonable accommodations by the Center of Wellness and Disability Services, when appropriate these reasonable accommodations may also apply to the discipline process, please contact the Center for assistance. 

2016-2017 Hearing Support

Judy Moss, Center for Wellness & Disability Services

Carissa Durfee, Center for Student Engagement

Lauren Tyger, Center for Student Engagement

Phil Bernard, Housing & Residential Life

Matt Heiser, Housing & Residential Life

Jacqulyn Fitzpatrick, Housing & Residential Life

Kevin Long, Housing & Residential Life

Ricky Meinke, Center for Diversity and Social Justice

Amber Connors, Center for Wellness and Disability Services