New architectural features

Perkins + Will’s design includes acoustical wood paneling which provides sound-proofing and a rich look. A new ceiling highlights the space using a perforated metal scrim and custom LED lighting.

More natural light

The design utilizes existing floor-to-ceiling windows with exposed views of the surrounding campus and city spaces, providing an open, light and inspiring environment for the renovated library.

Expanded group study

New group study rooms are equipped with large screens, technology-enhanced meeting tables, whiteboards and storage areas. Students will find plenty of new spaces for collaboration.

Comfortable casual interactions

The Living room space incorporates modern, comfortable furniture that highlights the open space while also ehoing iconic design elements that Wentworth students will appreciate.

Unified service desk

Patrons can check out books, get help with library tools, and get research help all from one spot in the library.

Reimagined lighting design

Combining natural light with sustainable, LED lighting creates a pleasing visual environment that is conducive to studying any time of day or night.

Flexible, collaborative work options

The new library fosters collaboration with moveable tables and chairs that can be reconfigured as needed, adjustable height workspaces, and power outlets throughout the space.

Expanded and enhanced seating

The quantity and quality of seating is improved, with ergonomic task chairs, spacious lounge seating, and options ranging from coffee table to counter height.

Quiet study space

The new glass-enclosed reading room features technology-enabled study tables with table lamps, comfortable seating, and views of the surrounding city as well as the library interior.


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