August 14, 2014

WIT Welcomes New Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Gov’t Relations

Lori Friedman

As the director of corporate, foundation, and government relations in the Institutional Advancement department, newly-hired Lori Friedman is working with faculty and administrators to raise funds from companies, foundations, and governmental agencies for “the college’s strategic priorities.” Friedman’s work leads to grants that are awarded for specific items including “construction or renovation of labs or classes, new buildings, professorships, academic programs, specific projects, and financial aid,” among others items, Friedman explained.

Friedman, who has 20 years of experience in the field, works to cultivate relationships with organizations that have a vested interest in helping the institution, whether it be to gain potential employees down the road or to promote certain disciplines.

When a new prospect that has the potential to grant money has been identified, then comes the process of cultivation, solicitation, and waiting for an answer. The solicitation process can include writing letters, concept papers, proposals, or other documentation. If the money is awarded, Friedman helps to manage the grant, ensuring that everything is done according to the grant agreement and on time.

The final step is reporting on the grants and Friedman plans to write the reports herself, or edit and provide assistance to faculty and administration if they wish to do it. “This is a service position. I am here to support the Institution and the faculty,” said Friedman.

Friedman has a variety of reasons for why she enjoys doing what she does. “I love education,” she said, noting that she’s worked solely in educational organizations. “When I go to work, it’s very intellectually stimulating, and I’m always learning about new fields and disciplines. It’s also great because you’re always helping somebody…you’re marrying the interests and the needs of two different organizations so everybody benefits.”

Friedman is particularly excited to be working at Wentworth and for what the future of the Institute holds. “It is very exciting for me to come in at this point in Wentworth’s growth to establish and improve a number of processes, policies, and procedures with the blessing of the administration,” she said. Friedman hopes to set up a website where those seeking information can find it easily without going through multiple people, and “to streamline and make things more efficient.”

Friedman also recently hired a manager of sponsored programs in Sara Clabby. Clabby has more than 15 years of sponsored research experience. Friedman notes that Clabby will be a “tremendous asset” to faculty who are seeking support from federal or state agencies for their academic pursuits.

“I think that Wentworth is doing a lot of really good things for our students,” she said. “I definitely think that Wentworth is ripe for a lot of financial success.”

For questions regarding the grant application process, Friedman can be reached at 617-989-4233 or

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