August 05, 2014

Fiona Imami—Facility Planning and Management

Fiona Imami—Facility Planning and Management

Since sophomore year, Fiona Imami has been highly involved with the Student Association of Facility Managers, both at the student level and through networking with the professional association, International Association of Facility Managers. She was instrumental in organizing fundraising events and planning the Student Association of Facility Management group trip to World Workplace in San Antonio and Philadelphia.

Imami, who speaks five languages, recently served as a member of a four-person EPIC class project for the Town of Kingston, Mass. She has also held three co-op positions, including one for Pearson Education in Boston and two for GE Aviation. She has also volunteered many hours assisting low-income families and individuals to prepare their taxes.

What did you enjoy most about your program here?

I really like buildings, and I thought being here at Wentworth would be perfect because we are exposed to the Boston area, which has amazing architecture and awesome buildings. Being part of the Facility Planning and Management program has exposed me to different issues related to construction—historical buildings and such. Having that exposure and firsthand experience from our professors and in the classroom [allows you to] really learn what the industry is looking for and you’re more prepared when you start your co-op or your full-time job.

What are your plans after graduation?

I just got a job at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University, so I’m working there part-time now and I’ll start working there full-time after graduation. I’m going to work as the assistant building operations manager. They have 14 buildings, one of them is an apartment building and I’m going to help manage all of them.

What was the most rewarding experience you had at Wentworth?

I had a lot of exposure to the industry and other industry professionals. My program here at Wentworth is affiliated with the professional organization in Boston, it’s called IFMA (International Facility Management Association). I was able to apply for a scholarship there, which I received in May of this year and I think that was a really rewarding experience.

You speak five languages. What has your experience been in learning those languages?

I grew up in Europe and I learned Italian just by watching TV. And then we started learning English when we are very young. And I learned French. From learning French and Italian I now understand Spanish and I get to speak a little bit. And I understand some words in German.

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