August 05, 2014

Enri Cobani—Electrical Engineering

Enri Cobani—Electrical Engineering

Enri Cobani hails from Albania and is very active on campus. He earned the WIT Community Scholarship two years in a row, served as an active participant in Diversity Program’s Social Justice Retreat, has worked as a long-time tutor for the Learning Center, and has been a teaching assistant for the Math Facilitated Study Group since 2012.

In addition to working in the Alumni Library, Cobani has been a member of the Wentworth Events Board for three years, participated in the March 2014 Alternative Spring Break trip to Florida, and served as a team leader for Wentworth Opening Week.

What did you enjoy most about your program here?

I really liked having small classes. I was part of the first electrical engineering class, so almost all my classes have been the same 13 people. It really helps getting to know them. I also like that you get to pick your electives. After co-op I knew that I wanted to do power engineering out of electrical, so I made sure that all my electives were on the power side of engineering. That really helped me, especially finding a job after.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I already have a job lined up. It really helped being on co-op two semesters because I was able to build connections that served me well during my job hunt. It was really good having support from other people. I’m going to be working at a consulting company down in Framingham and I’ll be designing substations. It’s pretty cool.

What was the most rewarding experience you had at Wentworth?

I would say being involved. I’m an international student and I was speaking a different language; it was a totally different environment from what I was used to. So, I tried to get involved with as many things as I could. The first summer I was teaching incoming freshman over the summer for a few weeks. I’m still part of clubs and I’ve been basically working in every single department here on campus. I’ve been part of orientation, which is a pretty cool experience. When the semester starts, you still see new students around and they come to you when they have questions. I really like that whole mentoring part. And something that I did recently was Alternative Spring Break.

What made you decide to leave where you’re from and come here for school?

It was more like a different perspective. I have family in Massachusetts, so that was one of the reasons and the other one was for a different and better education system. I could have gone to school back home and it would have been the same, but I wanted a new challenge, and this sounded pretty interesting. I’m glad I made the decision to come here.

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