February 03, 2014

Going Green

Haylee Bacik in Medford, MA, during Phase I of the Green Line Extension project

After completing her third co-op with Gilbane, Haylee Bacik receives full-time offer.

Haylee Bacik, Construction Management, 2014

Co-op Employer:  Gilbane

Co-op Position:  Construction Intern

Hometown:  Lowell, MA

Haylee Bacik, Construction Management ’14, entered Gilbane Building Company her sophomore year and essentially never left. After having completed three co-ops at Gilbane, she received an offer during the company’s College-Hire Weekend in November and will be working there full-time as an office engineer after graduation in August. While at Gilbane, she has participated in several large-scale projects, including those related to three schools—Collins and Saltonstall in Salem, Mass., Nock-Molin in Newburyport, Mass., and the University of Massachusetts Lowell—but her most recent, the Green Line Extension project, will have a major impact on the entire city of Boston.

The Green Line Extension project will add seven new stations, more than four miles of track, improvements to eight bridges, and several new retaining walls and noise barriers to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)’s Green Line rail system. As a construction intern, Bacik has been assisting in estimating and document control.

“It’s amazing being a part of a major project like this,” said Bacik. “You learn so much from the designing and potential construction.”

Bacik found herself an integral part of the Gilbane team with each project she worked on. During her second co-op in Newburyport, for example, she worked alongside the project manager, spearheading the project for the first couple of months before the rest of the team got involved. 

“You really become an important part of the team,” she explained. “I felt a great level of respect, and feeling like you’re a big part of the team feels really good.”

The culture at Gilbane is heavily rooted in family values, being family-owned and -managed since its founding. Bacik cites this culture as one of the primary reasons she’s stayed with the company over the years.

“That’s really something that hit home for me,” she said. “Both of my parents worked for the same company for years, and that’s something I also want to do. So having that family aspect at Gilbane, where everyone really rallied together for one another, is something I respect.”

Throughout her three co-ops, Bacik said she has learned much working alongside various architecture and subcontracting firms, including Cambridge Seven Associates, Miller Dyer Spears, Griffin Electric, and Central Ceiling, and her most recent experience working on the Green Line has shown her what operating on a large-scale project entails. She added that she has been interested in construction since high school, and is looking forward to the opportunity to continue her career in the field.

“I took a carpentry class in high school, and ever since then I’ve wanted to keep that building aspect in my life,” said Bacik. “And I can’t wait to keep doing it.”

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