October 07, 2013

Paving the Bio-Med Way

Jessica Pimentel, '15

Jessica Pimentel, Biomedical Engineering, 2015

Co-op Employer:  AVTECH

Co-op Position:  Biomedical Engineering Intern

Hometown:  Westport, MA

As a biomedical engineering major, Jessica Pimentel considers herself fortunate to not only have secured a co-op this summer with AVTECH Software, but to have also been a part of a new endeavor for the company.

“Bio-med is a new field for the company. They usually handle other sectors,” said Pimentel, ’15. Based in Warren, RI, AVTECH specializes in IT and facilities environment monitoring products designed to protect a company’s data in the event of a crash or other emergency. Their clients have hailed from many fields over the past 25 years, but, as Pimentel points out, the biomedical world is a new industry.

AVTECH is currently working on custom development for a large medical company. Pimentel was charged primarily with working on matters related to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) verification process. “During the start of my co-op, I concentrated on learning anything I could about the project,” she said “I sifted through the technical documentation and software specification sheets. I kept records of what the requirements were and how they were being met.”

Pimentel also worked alongside tech writer Melissa Baker to complete various reports for AVTECH – including drafting and reviewing test protocols -- ensuring that things were prepared within certain guidelines. “I had completed similar lab reports at Wentworth,” Pimentel said of the task, “which helped me transition into that work. Overall, my work focused on the documentation side of the engineering process.”

AVTECH, which lists digital sensors, software programs, network cameras, and various accessories such as modems, among its product line, allowed Pimentel to learn a variety of skills through hands-on approaches, skills that she believes are quite valuable for her future activities.

 “I feel that I gained a better understanding of the medical device industry and the FDA regulation process from working at AVTECH,” she said “I think this will be very beneficial in pursuing a career in biomedical engineering.”

She also believes that such skills will benefit her as she finishes her degree at Wentworth. “Wentworth allows you to go in so many different directions when looking for a co-op,” she said. “And the co-op teaches a lot about work environments, but it also provides a lot of the tools that you can take back to the classroom.” 

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