October 01, 2013

Aerospace Club Taking Flight

Aidan Alai, Roger Larrabee, and Jonathan Ludwig show off a model LearJet 40

Students interested in aerospace and designing aircrafts have a new outlet for their creativity as the WITAERO club recently got off the ground.

Through guidance from Assistant Professor Haifa El-Sadi in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, Wentworth students spearheaded the club this summer. El-Sadi is now encouraging all students who are interested in the aerospace field to join.

El-Sadi sees the club as an extension of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Fifteen Wentworth students currently belong to AIAA and El-Sadi expects that number to increase.

The idea for WITAERO was first hatched this summer when El-Sadi taught an elective course entitled “Aircraft Design." Students were charged with designing an aircraft in a CAD program and then creating a model with a 3D printer. Groups analyzed their models through computational fluid dynamics and then put them to the test in a wind tunnel. Models tested included a LearJet 40 and a General Atomics GNAT-750.

El-Sadi said that competitions are also planned for the future. “The students will participate in regional conferences and design competitions to elevate their knowledge base and interest in the aerospace and aeronautics fields,” he said.

Students from various majors are encouraged to join the club and collaborate together with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial design, and electromechanical engineering among the current majors represented. Those interested in joining WITAERO can do so by filling out the online form.

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