August 15, 2013

Graduate Feature: Angelos Nicolaou

Angelos Nicolaou

Construction Management

What did you enjoy most about your program?

The Construction Management program was an absolute pleasure from day one. Here at Wentworth, CM students start off their program with classes regarding their major on their very first semester. While we all must go through the basic sciences, the program is always interesting. The hands-on experiences are a big plus; having the opportunity to apply the theory not only gives you motivation to try harder, but also helps you understand how the world around you is built from first-hand experience. Team building. I never thought that I would work on so many team projects as I did at Wentworth. In fact, I barely recall classes which did not have any team projects. This can significantly improve one’s interpersonal skills as well as their leadership skills, both vital in our industry.

What was your most memorable college experience?

My most memorable moment was participating at the Associated Schools of Construction Commercial Competition in 2012. I was the only international student selected by the Construction Management Department Chair, and I was also given a vital role on my team of five other people. We competed against 16 other schools in the Northeast Region, and we were evaluated by project managers and engineers who had worked on the project itself. My team placed second, and we were praised from the firms and professionals present at the competition, as well as Wentworth when we returned. The most valuable aspect of the entire experience however, was the strong personal relationships that had developed between my teammates and me.

What did you like best about co-op, where did you do it, what was your position?

I held the position of an assistant project manager on both of my co-ops. My first co-op was overseas, in my home country, Cyprus. There, I was lucky enough to work with a number of brilliant architects and engineers at a consulting company which managed projects throughout the world. I traveled to Europe the Middle East and Africa and I received extensive experience in project management, contract administration and negotiations, amongst others. I chose to do my second co-op at a small construction management firm in Cambridge, Mass. That was my first exposure to working with a company in the United States, and it proved to be a fantastic experience. Not only was I exposed to new approaches and methodologies, but it pushed my skills to the limits.

What are your future plans?

My next step is to receive my masters degree. I was accepted into Northeastern University for a Master of Science in Project Management with a focus on Organizational Communication.

What’s your favorite part of going to school in Boston?

Boston is a beautiful and diverse city. As one of America’s richest cities, and one of the economic and transportation hubs of the nation, Boston really is a city without limits. In a city like Boston you will have the opportunity to be amongst the first people in the world to experience new things that help shape our culture. For everything from innovative cuisines to the latest and greatest technology, Boston is the place to be.

What’s your reaction to graduating from college?

It feels great! I worked very hard in college and graduation feels rewarding. I also feel like I have a long way to go. At this point I feel rewarded, but I don’t feel successful. If it’s one thing that college has taught me is that the road to success is difficult. The principals that got me through college, hard work, dedication and ethical behavior, are the basis of that road. I feel particularly emotional when I think about the good moments that I had with my friends in college, and yes, some of those moments are from when we worked on projects together for hours on end.

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