January 22, 2013

A Future in Sports

Ryan Delgado with Atlanta Hawks "Harry the Hawk" mascot

Ryan Delgado, Business Management, 2013

Co-op Employer:  Comcast SportsNet; Atlanta Hawks/Atlanta Spirit LLC

Co-op Position:  Newsroom Intern; Marketing Intern

Hometown:  Wareham

Ryan Delgado, BSM ’13, hopes to turn his love of sports into a career. An athlete all his life, Delgado is now captain of the Wentworth baseball team and has taken his passion to the next level through the co-op program. “My whole thing is the do what you love theory,” he said.  Delgado swapped his jersey for business attire each day during his co-ops, gaining two semesters of all-access media passes and experiences that many fans dream of.

Coincidental Connections

Before he even started his first co-op during his junior year, Delgado was already making important connections for his career. He can thank his movie theater job back home for helping him land his first co-op. When Comcast SportsNet’s Tom Curran, a host for the Patriots Insider show, walked in one day, Delgado, working then as a cashier, introduced himself. Later, he reached out to the sports commentator. The connection landed him a co-op job with Comcast SportsNet New England. 

Unique Opportunities

During his Comcast SportsNet co-op, Delgado assisted in the production of shows by transcribing interviews, putting together clips for game highlights, and going on field visits with the company. “I was able to go in the locker room, see all the players, talk to all the Boston media personnel, do pre-game interviews, post-game interviews, and sit in the press box during the game,” he said.

New Horizons

This led to his second co-op his senior year, where he became a marketing intern with the Atlanta Hawks. There he helped the creative department review billboard, radio, and television ads, and assisted the corporate sales department at promotional events for the team and affiliated businesses. 

By the end of his second co-op, Delgado’s list of connections had dramatically increased. “It was really neat to meet all the local heralded Boston sportswriters and personalities,” he said, “people that I grew up listening to and watching.” This even included watching a Celtics game in the break room with Tom Heinsohn, who has served as a player, coach, and broadcaster for the Boston Celtics.

Delgado aspires to one day run a team rather than play for it. “My dream job would be to be a general manager of a major league baseball team,” he said.

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