Create Transformational Educational Experiences

E-1: Achieve superior results with our students

Strategic Objective: Deepen and expand student opportunities for academic achievement, career success and engaged citizenship.

Strategy Owner: Susan Paris, Associate Provost for Academic Operations, Provost's Office

Team Members

  • Peter Fowler, Associate Dean, Student Affairs
  • Joan Giblin, Director of Student Achievement, Student Affairs
  • Heather Miller, Director, New Student Programs

E-2: Expand learning opportunities

Strategic Objective: Expand the learning opportunities for traditional and adult learners through new: programs, competency-based programs, delivery formats, geographies, strategic partnerships, and increased global learning opportunities.

Strategy Owner: 

Team Members

  • Carol Burns, Associate Professor, Architecture
  • Greg Denon, Director, Career Services
  • Maureen Dischino, Executive Director, Admissions
  • Monique Fuchs, Associate Vice President, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Chuck Hotchkiss, Associate Provost, Provost's Office
  • Michael Kupferman, Professor, Civil Engineering Technology
  • Keith Lewandowski, Marketing Manager, College of Professional and Continuing Education
  • Jonathan Ripley, Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences

E-3: Modify curricula to include industry-collaborative, interdisciplinary, project-based learning

Strategic Objective: Integrate, Externally-collaborative, Project-based, Interdisciplinary Curricula for Learning (EPIC Learning) across the Institute

Strategy Owner: Bob Lind, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Technology

  • Ron Bernier, Department Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Douglas Dow, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Technology
  • Amanda Hattaway, Department Chair, Applied Mathematics
  • Michael MacPhail, Department Chair, Architecture
  • Greg Sirokman, Assistant Professor, Sciences

E-4: Grow relevant, challenging co-ops

Strategic Objective: Increase engagement of employers to create work experiences that are meaningful to students and provide personal and professional challenge.

Strategy Owner: Greg Denon, Director, Career Services

Team Members

  • Jonathan Carroll, Director of Corporate Relations, Institutional Advancement
  • Amanda Hattaway, Department Chair, Applied Mathematics
  • Marcia Sailor, Associate Director, Career Services
  • Nicholas Washburn, Assistant Director, Admissions
  • Glenn Wiggins, Dean, College of Architecture, Design, and Construction Management
  • Charlie Wiseman, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Networking

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