Video Producer

This position is currently filled.


Marketing and Communications

Spring 2012


Williston 325

Purpose of Jobs, Duties, and Responsibilities

This position will create high-quality videos that will be posted to the website in an effort to offer more compelling content to website visitors by promoting student learning and a positive image of the Institute. The student will be expected to create two videos a week as a part of a video series.

In addition, the position will involve a regular review and organization of the Institute’s photo database, which may result in additional video opportunities and use of photos.


The candidate will need experience creating, shooting, editing, and producing short videos (approximately two minutes in length) and must have knowledge of the necessary software and equipment (Final Cut Pro or imovie). The position requires the student to have good interpersonal skills, attention to detail, a strong interest in highlighting Wentworth events and students, strong organizational and interview skills, and an ability to work both as part of a team and independently. 

Approximately 10 hours per week; $9.00/hr

Supervisor and Contact Information

Julie Barr, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Federal Work-Study, Leopard Work Program, or both

Federal Work-Study Only

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