Applications TA

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Mathematics and Sciences Department

Fall 2014


Ira Allen 311

Purpose of Jobs, Duties, and Responsibilities

The Applications TA position is a great job for those people who want to get involved in mentoring others, applying mathematics to engineering problems and in interacting with students to help them learn. It is also a real responsibility - this is a professional job, and we expect that Applications TAs will meet all of the requirements during the semester and not let down either their professors or the students. Students in applications classes will really count on the Applications TAs to help them out - we are hiring you as much for your role as an upper class mentor as for your ability to clearly explain mathematical concepts.


  1. Attend each of their assigned professor's classes in order to see what is being taught, and to note the topics which are difficult for students.  Applications TAs may also help students during class.
  2. Offer an additional 60 minute problem session open to all calculus students each week.  For these sessions, you will maintain attendance records and informally evaluate the progress of individuals via correspondence with Emma Smith Zbarsky.
  3. Regularly contact  your course instructor to ensure that you are prepared for class each week and to offer feedback to your instructor.
  4. Meet weekly or biweekly, as arranged, with Emma Smith Zbarsky for pedagogical and topical support and to offer your feedback.
  5. Participate in debriefing surveys and discussions about your problem solving sessions.


The job usually takes 3-4 hours per week for the semester for 13-14 weeks. You must provide a recommendation from a professor in the college of engineering and technology or an applied math professor to be considered for this position.

Compensation is $13-$15/hr, depending on experience.


Supervisor and Contact Information

Emma Smith Zbarsky

Federal Work-Study, Leopard Work Program, or both

Leopard Work Program

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