Transfer Credit

New Students

New Wentworth students earn transfer credits in one of three ways:

  • Credit from courses taken at another institution while an admitted student (transfer applicants would fall into this group)
  • Credit taken from courses at another institution through dual enrollment (such as high school students who take community college courses) or non-matriculated enrollment (for students who take one or two courses without being in a degree program)
  • Credit from exams (such as Advanced Placement, CLEP or International Baccalaureate)

To obtain transfer credit for courses taken at another institution, please have that institution send an official transcript to the Admissions office. The courses will be evaluated by our Transfer Credit Coordinator, and you will be contacted as to what credit you will receive. Note that Wentworth does not award credit for classes with a final grade below a C.

For credit by exam, request to have your exam score(s) sent to Wentworth (preferably before you take the exam). Note that Wentworth does not award credit for AP exams with a score below 3, for CLEP exams with a Mean Scaled Score below a C, or IB exams with a score below 5.

More information on transfer credit is available in the Transfer Credit section of our academic catalog.

Current Students

Current students may earn transfer credit for classes taken during semesters they are not at Wentworth. If you are interested in taking a class to use for credit at Wentworth:

1. Determine the department at Wentworth that offers the class you will be replacing with transfer credit. For example, if you were looking to replace ENGL130, English II, you would contact the Humanities and Social Sciences department.

2. Contact the department to get approval to take the course. You will likely need to provide the department a course description to the course you are planning to take.

3. If approved, complete a Course Substitution form with the department, and turn the completed form in at the Student Service Center.

4. After you've taken the course, request the other school to send an official transcript to:

Transfer Credit Coordinator

Student Service Center

Wentworth Institute of Technology

550 Huntington Avenue

Boston MA 02115

5. Once the Coordinator receives the official transcript, credit will be entered as directed by the Course Substitution form. Note that no credit is given for classes with a final grade below C.

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