What can I do if I do not receive financial aid?

If you do not have financial aid, you may apply for alternative financing or set up a payment plan through Tuition Management Systems or visit

Why are you asking for tax info, etc...?

Federal regulations require that we verify certain information and documents.

When will my financial aid disburse?

Provided all paperwork is complete, disbursements generally occur 6 weeks into each semester.

How do I waive/participate in the health insurance program?

Massachusetts law requires that all students who are enrolled for nine or more credit hours per semester (or on Co-op) be covered by health insurance. All students are automatically billed for the Wentworth Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) at the beginning of the academic year. If a student is already covered by an alternate plan that offers comparable coverage and would like to waive the college insurance plan, the student MUST complete the Health Insurance Waiver which is located on-line at by the billing due date for the term in which the charge is applied. Once the waiver is completed, the charge will be removed from the bill. If a student wishes to purchase the college plan (SHIP), the student must complete the on-line enrollment form located The premium must be paid in full by the bill semester due date. For more information about the college plan (SHIP), including costs, benefits, exclusions, any reductions or limitations, please refer to the plan information located at, or call 800-977-4698.

When are bills available?

Bills are available online through LConnect mid-June for the fall semester, mid-November for the spring semester, and the end of March for the summer semester.

What happens if my account is not paid in full by the due date?

You are not officially registered. You cannot attend classes or move into the residence halls until full payment is received. Failure to pay tuition and fees by the due date will result in cancellation of your class schedule.

Where do I get my ID?

Replacement IDs cost $25 and can be paid for at the Student Service Center.

What is my student ID used for?

IDs are used for identification as well as library access, meal purchases, book purchase, Leopard Connection (online access to student records) etc. In addition, you can use your Student ID to go to all WIT sports events.

Where do I get my Leopard Connection (Lconnect) password?

Passwords can be obtained at the Student Service Center in person (a picture ID is required).

What information is available using the Leopard Connection ?

You can register and pay for classes, obtain grades, check financial aid status and get class schedules.

Does Wentworth have a priority deadline for Financial Aid?

The priority deadline for entering freshman is March 1st. The deadline for returning students is May 1st. Once Wentworth receives all FAFSA information, award letters will begin to be mailed towards the end of each respective month. We will always accept a FAFSA at any point during the academic year.

What does FAFSA stand for?

Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is the only application Wentworth requires in order for a student to be evaluated for financial aid.

What is our school code? What is our 8-digit school code?

School code: 002225 - Eight digit school code: 00222500

What does SAP mean?

Satisfactory Academic Progress, see catalogue for standards

I did not make Satisfactory Academic Progress and my aid was cancelled. Can I get it back?

You must write an appeal letter to the Academic Progress Committee requesting a re-evaluation. You will be notified of their decision by mail.

I was awarded a merit scholarship when I was admitted to Wentworth Institute of Technology, what do I need to do to keep it?

You must maintain an overall cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5 and carry a full time class-load.

How is my Institutional Cumulative Grade Point Average determined?

All credit-bearing courses taken at Wentworth are considered, regardless of a change in major. If a student withdraws from a course after the end of the add/drop period for a given semester, those credits will be considered attempted and are used in determining the Institutional Cumulative Grade Point average.

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