This page contains important information about Financial Aid eligibility for students enrolled in a Co-op semester. Students on a Co-op do not qualify for the all the same types of aid as a student enrolled during an academic semester. While a student is considered a full-time student during their Co-op semester, there are some types of aid for which you will be ineligible. Below are the types of financial aid students are eligible for during the co-op semester.

Alternative Loans

Students on Co-op qualify for private education loans. For more information, see our Alternative Loans page.

Federal Loans

Unless a student has already utilized their annual limit of federal loans for the year, they can receive federal loans while on Co-op. However, they are not generally packaged. If you are interested in having or need your federal loans to be disbursed during a co-op semester, please contact your financial aid counselor.


Here are the annual borrowing limits for Stafford Loans.

Dependent Students::

1st Year - $5500

2nd Year - $6500

3rd Year and beyond - $7500

Independent Students:

1st year - $9500

2nd Year - $10,500

3rd year and beyond - $12,500

- The Federal Parent Plus loan may be used during a co-op semester, if the parent qualifies.

- If the student qualifies based on their FAFSA, they will be eligible for the Perkins Loan during a co-op semester.

Federal Grants

If the student qualifies based on their FAFSA, they will be eligible for the Pell and SEOG Grants during the co-op semester.

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