Army Commission and Service Requirements

  1. Basic Course (Freshman/Sophomore) cadets who are not scholarship recipients do not incur any military obligation and may withdraw from the program at any time.
  2. Advanced Course (Junior/Senior) cadets agree to accept an Army commission and serve on either Active Duty (Full-Time) or Reserve Duty (Part-Time), with duty in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard (1 weekend each month and 2 weeks each year).
  3. Cadets will be commissioned as Second Lieutenants and fulfill an 8-year service obligation with one of the following combinations:
    1. Scholarship Cadets: 4 years active duty, followed by 4 years inactive reserve; or 8 years active reserve.
    2. Non-scholarship Cadets: 3 years active duty, followed by 5 years inactive reserve; or 8 years active reserves.
  4. The Army's selection of the manner in which a Lieutenant will serve is based on the following list of criteria:
    1. Individual Preference
    2. Academic Major
    3. Academic Performance
    4. Military Science Performance
    5. Recommendation of the Professor of Military Science
    6. Needs of the Army

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