How Do I Take a Math or Science Course At Another Institution?

Permission should be received prior to taking a math or science course at another institution.  Before you begin, please be aware that you may only petition to take a first or second year course at another institution if you have not failed the course at Wentworth. 

Step 1: Find an Equivalent Course
First, find a course at another institute that matches the description of the Wentworth course you wish to take elsewhere. The course description must come from a current catalog from the institution where the course is to be taken and should include the number of credits. 

Step 2: Submit Paperwork
Next, fill out a Petition for Course Substitution Form.  Submit the complete form along with the course description to The Department of Applied Mathematics and Sciences for review.  The department head determines if the course content and credit hours are equivalent and then approves or denies the petition.  Forms and descriptions can be submitted electronically to Vanessa St. Laurent at or dropped off in Ira Allen 208.  You do not need an appointment to deliver your forms.  Students are notified of the status of their forms by email within a week from the day the completed paperwork was submitted for review.

Step 3: Follow Up
After you complete the course, you must arrange for an official transcript to be sent to the Registrar's Office.  In order for the credit to transfer, you must receive a final grade of a "C" or better.

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