Wellness Living

Participants in the Wellness Living Community live together in Tudbury Hall and have the opportunity to live and learn in an environment that is focused on maintaining a balanced lifestyle.  This floor is open to both men and women. 

Professional and student staff members across campus will work collaboratively with residents to plan events and programs both on-campus and off-campus that are focused around living a well-balanced life.  Education and programming for this floor is based on the Wellness Wheel model, where physical, social, occupational, intellectual, environmental and spiritual wellness are all seen as being important to each individual’s development and success at Wentworth. 

Why YOU should be a part of this floor:


  • You will be provided with unique opportunities to take part in programs that involve elements such as relaxation, nutrition, fitness, meditation, yoga, sports as well as other activities and hobbies.
  • You will have the opportunity to live and learn with other students who share a similar commitment to living a balanced lifestyle on campus.
  • You will be encouraged to take the skills that you will learn as part of this floor to other leadership opportunities on and off campus, early on in your Wentworth career.
  • There are dedicated staff members and professionals committed to creating a healthy, balanced and fun community for this floor!

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