Important Phone Numbers

Campus Emergency
Escort Service
Public Safety non-emergency Business


How can I reach the Public Safety Department in an emergency?
The Public Safety Department can be reached at 617-989-4444 from an outside line; you can dial 4444 from any campus phone or activate any blue light emergency phone located throughout our campus. You can dial 911 to contact the Boston Police, Boston EMS, and Boston Fire Departments directly.
What number should I call if I become a victim of a crime or would like to report a suspicious person/activity-taking place on campus?
If you become a victim of a crime or like to report a suspicious act, dial 4444 from any campus phone or 617-989-4444 from your cell phone.
What number do I dial to request a safety escort?
For a safety escort you may dial 4400 from any campus phone or activate any emergency phone on campus and request an escort. An officer will be dispatched to your location. The Public Safety Department provides safety escorts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Public Safety also provides SAFETY ESCORTS to the Ruggles T Stop, Museum Green Line Stop and Longwood Area Green Line Stop.
Where is the 24 hour Public Safety Office located?
The Public Safety Office is located on the first level of the resident hall at 610 Huntington Avenue
Where can I purchase a Commuter or Overnight Parking Permit?
WIT Commuter Student and WIT Overnight Resident Student parking permits are available to currently enrolled WIT students from the Student Service Center, located on the first floor of Williston Hall. All permits are sold on a first come-first serve basis. Some restrictions may apply when purchasing a permit to park on campus. Call the Public Safety office at 617-989-4400 for additional information.
Can I purchase a “one day only” commuter-parking permit for my vehicle?
Yes, a one-day parking pass is available for purchase at the Police Dispatch Center in 610 Huntington Avenue. In order to purchase a pass you must be enrolled as a student or be a faculty or staff member. Call 617-989-4400 for additional information.
How do I get to Health Services?
Health Services is located on the first floor of the new Mass Art building at 578 Huntington Avenue. The main entrance to the front left side of the building is where you may access the building. Check in with the desk attendant and you will be instructed to use the elevator in front of you. When exiting the elevator, Health Services is to your right on the first floor.
Where is the Schumann Fitness Center?
The Schumann Fitness Center is located on the ground floor of the Flanagan Center in Beatty Hall.
What do I do if my vehicle is towed while parked off campus?
If your vehicle is towed from the streets surrounding campus, you may contact Boston Transportation at 617-635-3900 which is an automated service. Please listen to the prompts and enter pertinent information including you registration/plate number when asked.
Is there an ATM on campus?
There is an ATM located on the ground floor of the Flanagan Center in Beatty Hall.
Is there a Lost and Found on campus?
A Lost and Found is maintained at the Wentworth Police Station. Items such as jackets, textbooks, keys, wallets, pocketbooks, back packs, and bicycles will be held until the end of the semester. The Campus Police will make every reasonable effort to contact the rightful owners when an item is turned in. In the event an item of yours is lost or stolen while on campus, we encourage you to file a report. For assistance call 617-989-4400 or email Dispatcher Mauricio at with questions.
What do should I do if a medical situation arises on campus?
Immediately contact The Public Safety Department at 617-989-4444 or at extension 4444 by any campus phone or by any Emergency Call Box on campus. Without delaying reporting, gather as much specific information on the situation to provide to the Dispatcher which may be crucial for responding personnel. Transports may be provided by Public safety for minor injuries or ailments depending on the situation and discretion of the officer. Serious injuries, ailments, or otherwise undetermined complications may require transport to a medical facility by ambulance which will be arranged by Public Safety.

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