About Us

Working at Wentworth is a challenging and rewarding task that we, as members of the Planning and Construction Department, are trained for and take great pride in providing service to the Wentworth community.  We enjoy upgrading the existing facilities while also taking part in the new construction upgrades seen across campus over the years.

Mission Statement

The Planning and Construction Department provides services to the Institute in order to achieve timely development of physical facilities needed to meet academic and administrative goals and objectives in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Planning and Construction Staff

David Aguiar


Contact Information:

  • Bachelor of Science, Architecture, Pratt Institute
  • Associate of Science, Architectural Engineering Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • 35 years experience of facilities planning, design and construction of campus facilities for educational institutions

Janine Murphy

Assistant Director

Contact Information:

  • Bachelor of Science, Facilities Planning and Management, Wentworth 1997
  • 10 years’ experience as Facilities Planner and Relocation Coordinator

Nicole Marinelli

Facilities Planner

Contact Information:

  • Master of Science, Facility Management, Wentworth 2016
  • Bachelor of Science, Interior Design, Wentworth 2008

Lula Drayton

Technical Assistant/Community Liaison

Contact Information:

  • Bachelor Degree, Management of Technology
  • 10 years’ experience in administrative assistant

Kevin Smith

Clerk of the Works

Contact Information:

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