Basic Industries Lab Renovation

The Basic Industries Lab is located on the ground floor of Wentworth Institute of Technology’s Williston Hall, consisting of 7,000 square feet and currently includes welding stations, metal forming equipment and aEntrance foundry. Williston hall was built in 1910 by Peabody and Stearns Architects.

The renovation within the same footprint includes creation of distinctive "clean" areas for computers and internet access for us as an instructional aid as well as a "hands on" areas for state of the art manufacturing technology including electronic CNC stations, welding stations, and updated equipment for cutting, grinding, and metal work.  The renovation also included ADA compliance, new furniture, new lighting and windows, upgraded electrical service and distribution, fire suppression, fire alarm systems and new HVAC and control systems.

The Project Team

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Peter Gugliotta, Planning and Construction

Columbia - Construction Manager

Diversified Construction Group, LLC - Demolition

E.H. Marchant Co. Inc. - Mechanical

Murphy Electric and Industrial, Inc. - Electrical

Pinnacle Piping and Service, Corp. - Plumbing

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