What hotels are nearby?

A list of hotels in the area is available here.

Directions on how to reach campus are available here.

Boston also has an extensive public transit system called the "T"   Please check for bus, subway and commuter rail schedules and information.

How do I register for Family Orientation?

Registration for New Student Orientation and Family Orientation happen at the same time.  When your student registers for New Student Orientation, they will be asked if any family members are planning on attending Family Orientation.

Is Family Orientation appropriate for younger siblings?

The focus of Family Orientation is on assisting your student in their transition to Wentworth.  Many of the sessions occur in lecture format and most are geared specifically towards adult family members.  Sessions focus on important issues such as transition issues and important conversations to have before your student begins college.  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide baby sitting or other activities for younger siblings during these sessions.  While children are certainly welcome to attend, please be aware that Family Orientation is not geared towards their interests.

Family Weekend includes many activities that are appropriate for all age ranges.  It will be held October 19-21, 2012.

How does the Fenway Card work?

The card is both an I.D. and a debit card.

Deposit money into your Fenway Cash account for use at the bookstore, vending machines, and washers and dryers, the cafeteria, the convenience store, Massachusetts College of Art cafeteria, the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy coffee shop, and some off campus locations.

Board money is automatically downloaded onto your card each semester and can be used only in the Wentworth cafeteria, the convenience store, Massachusetts College of Art cafeteria or the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy coffee shop.

The card also allows you access to the residence halls and certain studios, and is needed to borrow books from the library and to attend numerous Colleges of the Fenway events.

Fenway Cash is different from your board plan money. In addition to having a board plan, you may also open a Fenway Cash account. Monies deposited in the Fenway Cash account can be used in the bookstore, vending machines, in the residence halls laundry rooms, any of the Colleges of the Fenway cafeterias and many off campus businesses.  A minimum deposit of $20 must be made to open a Fenway Cash account.

Students may open a Fenway Cash account in one of the following ways:


1-877-COF-8340 (1-877-263-8340)
Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 p.m. EST

Fenway Card Center, P.O. Box 1305, Doylestown, PA 18901-0117 

What is AlcoholEdu and why does my student need to complete this?

AlcoholEdu for College offers a confidential, personalized experience for each student. An independent study of AlcoholEdu for College showed that students who took the course had 50% fewer negative personal, health, and academic consequences than those who did not take it.  Participation in AlcoholEdu for College is mandated by Wentworth to ensure that all first year WIT students have consistent knowledge about alcohol and its effects, so that if faced with a decision to drink they will make well-informed decisions.

The course is completely online and will take approximately 4 hours.

For additional information please contact Beth Farrow, Coordinator of Wellness Education at or 617-989-4197

Can my student park on campus?

Overnight Resident Parking

Due to the limited amount of parking on campus, first and second year students will not be allowed to purchase an overnight parking permit to park on campus. 

For students in their third, fourth and fifth years, the fee for an overnight permit is $400.00 dollars per academic semester. The East Lot (located opposite 540 Parker Street in front of the IRA Allen Building) has been assigned as the Overnight Parking Lot. Overnight Parking Permits are sold on a first come first serve basis to upper class students and students on Coop who are living on campus. (There is absolutely no overnight Parking in the West Parking Lot).

Commuter Parking

First and second year commuter students may purchase a commuter parking permit. The fee for a commuter permit is $200.00 dollars per academic semester; the permit is valid from the hours of 7:00am to 10:00pm daily. Parking is available in the Ira Allen Lot, Parker Street Lot and Sweeney Lot. Additional parking is available in the West Lot after 3:00pm. Questions regarding parking should be directed to Public Safety at 617-989-4400.

What is campus safety like?

Please see the Public Safety FAQ’s page. 

Where can I buy books?

Expect to spend $500-$800 per semester on books.  To help reduce expenses, students may purchase used books. 

You can purchase your books once you know your schedule. Your schedule will be available through the Leopard web once you have registered for classes.

Also, at the end of a semester students may sell their books back to the bookstore. The bookstore may pay up to 50% of the new book list price of the book – it all depends on the condition of the book and whether or not that book will be used at Wentworth the following semester. Also, once you know your schedule, you can order your books on-line and pick them up at the Bookstore. 

Do the residence halls have cable TV?

All residence halls are wired to provide cable TV services.   There is no charge for cable TV services.  You will need your own COAX cable to connect your TV to the cable TV wall jack. We recommend a 20 foot cable for maximum flexibility.  If you experience problems with your cable TV, contact the OIT Helpdesk at 617-989-4500. 

Campus Mailing Address

Student mailboxes are available at Evans Way , Tudbury Hall, Edwards Hall, Rogers Hall, Baker Hall, 555 Huntington Avenue and 610 Huntington Avenue.  Students are assigned mailstop (MS) numbers along with their housing assignments.  It is important that mail be addressed properly in order to prevent loss or delivery delays.  Please help us to deliver your mail by giving the following addresses to family and friends.

Student mailing address is:

(Student's Name) MS____
Wentworth Institute of Technology
555 Huntington Ave.
Boston , MA 02115 -5520

 When using United Parcel Service (UPS), Airborne, DHL, Fed Ex Home, Federal Express, a local courier, hand delivery of United States Postal Service (USPC) which requires a signature, use this address:

(Student's Name)  MS____

Wentworth Institute of Technology

550 Huntington Ave.

Boston , MA 02115 -5998

 When students receive a package, they will be notified through their Wentworth email account. To pick up an item, students must follow the instructions in the e-mail and take their WIT identification card to the appropriate Student Mailroom or to the school switchboard in Wentworth Hall, 1st floor.  Packages will be given only to the student to whom they are addressed. If students do not pick up their packages within five business days, the packages will be returned to the sender unless the student has made other arrangements with the mailroom.

How does the meal plan work?

All residential students must purchase a meal plan. All first year residential students as well as students who live at Baker Hall, Evans Way , or Tudbury Hall are required to purchase a full meal plan for $1,160 per semester. Students living in other residential facilities must purchase a minimum board plan of $300 per semester, but may choose to upgrade to either a $ 1,160 plan or a $600 plan per semester. Meal plan dollars may be used at Beatty Café, the Leopard's Den, the convenience store on campus, Massachusetts College of Art cafeteria and the coffee shop at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences.

At the time that you sign your housing contract, you will also select a board plan.  A food account is then automatically opened for you. Board plan dollars may be used in the Wentworth cafeteria, the convenience store, the Massachusetts College of Art cafeteria, and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy cafeteria.

Meal plan money which is left over at the end of the Fall semester is carried over to the Spring semester. Meal plan money which is left over at the end of the Spring semester may not be carried over to the Summer semester. Meal plan dollars are not refundable.

Based upon our experience, considering missed meals, weekends away from campus, etc., the full meal plan is sufficient for the average student. If you stay on campus every weekend, eat every meal, or are a large eater, you may run out of dollars as you near the end of the semester. Additional funds may be deposited.

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