May 30, 2014

2014 Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day

President Zorica Pantic (left) and Associate Professor Carol Burns

Members of the Wentworth staff and faculty were once again honored for their dedication to the Institute during the 2014 Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day and President’s Awards for Faculty & Staff.

The annual event, organized by the Office of Human Resources, was held in Watson Auditorium on May 15 and found the Wentworth community gathering over lunch.

President Zorica Pantić offered words of thanks to those gathered and bestowed the following awards:

  • President’s Award for Service to Students—Mallory Pernaa, coordinator of commuter student programs, Student Affairs
  • President’s Award for Service to Faculty—Anthony Alamia, academic coordinator, College of Engineering and Technology
  • President’s Award for Service to Community—D.J. Moore, associate director, Admissions
  • President’s Award for Distinguished Service—Carol Burns, associate professor, College of Architecture, Design, and Construction Management
  • President’s Award for Distinguished Scholarship—James Lambrechts, associate professor, College of Engineering and Technology
  • President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching/Grant Johnson—Gary Simundza, professor, College of Arts and Sciences

Other members of the faculty and staff were honored for their respective years of service to the Institute. The following were named during the event:

  • 5 Years of Service—Ilyas Bhatti, Carol Burns, Anita Chiu, Donald Condrey, Micaela De Leon, Daniel Gilks, Jacklyn Haas, Todd Johnson, Gregory Mantolesky, Keira McClain, Susan Paris, Tyler Petipas-Haggerty, Russell Pinizzotto, Karmon Runquist, Priscilla Saul, Emma Smith Zbarsky, and Sheldon Ward
  • 10 Years—Joshua Aigen, Nicholas Anderson, Christina Cosma, Manuel Delgado, Chantina Drayton, Amy Dufour, Amanda Hattaway, Lora Kim, Michael MacPhail, Jeffrey Michael, D.J. Moore, Nicholas Ortolino, William Ryan, and Elaine Slater
  • 15 Years—Dennis Berthiaume, Frank Caserta, Siben Dasgupta, Janet Garcia, Christopher, Gleason, Timothy Johnson, Susan Morin, John Russo, and Cindy Stevens
  • 20 Years—Leonard Anderson, Ronald Blake, David Downey, Francis Hopcroft, Julie Kneeland, and Pia Romano
  • 25 Years—Joseph Cameron, Garrick Goldenberg, Mark Hasso, and Jose Laboy
  • 30 Years—Marilyn Stern
  • 35 Years—Selwyn Belgrave, Raffaele Di Cecca, and David Wahlstrom
  • 40 Years—Michael Carter
  • 45 Years—Christine Kane

Additionally, recent retirees Richard Bohigian, Armen Casparian, Lawrence Decker, Herbert Fremin, Udo Hoppenz, Michael John, Frederick Kuhn, Michael Kupferman, Anita Penta, and Michael Werner were honored.

Pictures from the event can be seen below.

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