January 02, 2014

Wentworth Marks Departures, Welcomes New Members

Walter Punch

The Wentworth community recently bid farewell to two Alumni Library members in Walter T. Punch and Naoko Yasuda.

Punch, library director, retired on December 20. He had been at Wentworth since 1998, in the library and teaching in both the day school and CPCE. His plans for retirement include visits to Europe (especially Paris and the Cotswolds), writing, organizing his library, and some teaching.

Naoko YasudaNaoko Yasuda, reference librarian (pictured above), is moving to the west coast with her husband (who has a new job) and twin girls. Naoko had worked at Wentworth since 2008 (although she was also here from 2001 to 2003). She was the liaison to the Computer Science Department. Members of the library relate that they will miss her for her dedication and always pleasant presence. 

Wentworth also welcomed several new members to its community in December:

  • Ryan, Lunenfield, instructional designer, CPCE
  • Emily Harlan, counselor, Wellness and Disability Services
  • Catherine Kidd, manager of advancement operations, Institutional Advancement
  • Andrea Leung, marketing and recruiting coordinator, Career Services
  • Johanna Sena, community relations liaison, Business
  • Phyllis Wentworth, associate professor, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Kieta Vayu, technical support specialist, DTS

In other Wentworth news, Chris Haigh, director of Diversity Programs, received the Access and Inclusion Award from The Massachusetts College Personnel Association.  The award serves as a way to recognize excellence in higher education, and recognize individuals who are best upholding the organization’s mantra of anti-discrimination. 

The holidays at Wentworth brought along different raffles and prizes. Among the events taking place was Institute Holiday Party, which asked partygoers to provide canned goods to be donated to the Boston Food Bank. Those who provided an item were entered into the raffle. Winners and their prizes include:

  • Carrie Yates - Teddy Bear
  • Masoud Olia - 2 movie tickets
  • Richard Campbell - 2 movie tickets
  • Liam Tran - 2 movie tickets
  • Ryan Depesa - 2 movie tickets
  • Angel Ayres - $25 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card
  • Jim Steele - $25 Bass Pro Shops
  • Michael MacPhail - $25 iTunes Gift Card
  • Christine Bettendorf - $25 TJ Maxx Gift Card
  • Steve Rossi - $25 Game Stop Gift Card
  • Lindsey Cunningham - $25 Starbucks Gift Card
  • Margaret Card - $50 Cheesecake Factory Gift Card
  • Faith Litchock Morellato - $50 Macy's Gift Card
  • Mike Pankievich - $50 Home Depot Gift Card
  • Ann Borst - $100 Visa Gift Card
  • Roger Parks - $100 Visa Gift Card
  • Peter Fowler - $100 Visa Gift Card

Additionally, the Copy and Mail Center held its own party and named the following raffle winners:

  • Chris Kane Bella Santa - Spa Treatment
  • Steve Rossi - The Nook
  • Robert Yee - Flappin Jack Pancake Kit
  • Gian Hetio - Legal Seafood Gift Certificate

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