December 05, 2013

Career Services and the Strategic Plan

Career Services Director Greg Denon

One of Wentworth’s hallmarks is its cooperative (co-op) program, which strives to increase the engagement of employers to create work experiences that are meaningful to students and provide personal and professional challenge.

Greg Denon, director, Career Services, recently presented to other members of Wentworth and related some of the progress the Institute is making in relation to its Strategic Plan, as well as a few goals for his department.

In relation to enhancing the link between co-op activities and the application of workplace and academic skills, Denon said that Career Services is communicating development skills and opportunities continuously to students and alumni. He also shared the office’s role in improving internal processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness, and the need to engage, develop, and empower the Career Services team to be innovative and deliver quality services.

The Strategic Plan calls for advising to clarify co-op and career goals that are personally meaningful to the student. Denon said that Career Services is on track with this respective goal. He stated that a new co-op preparation workshop series has been established and that the career advising model is being evaluated. To expand employment partnerships focusing on new geographical locations and industry trends, Denon said that Career Services is looking in several key areas. Currently, 88 percent of co-op students are working in Massachusetts with 30 total students working outside of New England. Denon’s office is examining the number of co-op employers beyond the greater-Boston area, as well as the number of centers for co-op in metropolitan areas beyond New England. It’s important to find ways for students to experience different parts of the country as well as the world. Identifying adequate short-term housing for students is one challenge the Institute faces in accomplishing this.

Career Services is also looking into how many students currently work for employers recognized as trendsetters, such as BBJ Innovation All-Stars, BBJ Pacesetters, Fast Company, and others. They have also updated a position description to include marketing initiatives, and they plan to exhibit at or sponsor relevant industry events (ABX, Mass Building Congress, etc.).

Career Service goals and items under investigation include, Denon said, establishing a four-year career development model, and creating opportunities for students to learn from students about co-op experiences. 

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