April 30, 2013

From Freshmen to Industry Collaborators

Students with Dr. Sang-Eun Song, the lead expert in surgical robotics at the Surgical Planning Laboratory within the Radiology Department of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital

On April 12 an interdisciplinary team of first-year students (engineering and biomedical engineering) tested their engineering design in the operating room of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This industry-collaborative project was part of the Introduction to Engineering Design, a course taught by six faculty across five departments. 

“It has been a great opportunity to collaborate with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital during our Intro to Engineering Design course," said Timothy Bouchard BSEN ’16. "This course has provided us with a real-world atmosphere and we got a feel of how demanding it is to work in industry.” 

The student team: Timothy Bouchard (engineering ’16), Griffin Kirby (engineering ’16), Brett Powers (biomedical engineering ’16), Giuseppe Petruzziello (engineering ’16), and David Ahn (engineering ’16).

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