April 02, 2013

Architects Launch Magazine

Architecture Students Flex Design Skills as Magazine Publishers

Designing a building isn’t the only skill Wentworth’s architecture students gain in their program. From collecting content and designing pages to working with printers and generating buzz, a passionate group of undergraduate and graduate students have worked tirelessly as part of a student-run club to publish WAr v/3, a 96-page magazine to promote the high-quality work of young design professionals from Wentworth.

Publishing the magazine provides an “alternative way to use an architectural degree,” said Lucy Brown, MARC ’13. “It’s great to see something we designed, be built.”

The creation and publication of the third volume of WAr, Wentworth Architecture Review, a “magazine to celebrate design culture” and “create discourse in the department,” said J.T. White, MARC ’13, is the culmination of their efforts.

Those who pick up the magazine will see a collection of student work that captures the essence of their ideas and approaches to design. The stories highlight student projects, study abroad experiences, community work projects, photos, and designs. The students not only create the content, but produce video, fundraise, and host a launch party, and their efforts are paying off.

“One of the biggest rewards is hearing what other people say, how excited people are about seeing the next volume,” said Ryan Kahen, MARC ’13. “We’ve grown in such a short time.”

This isn’t the first time student work has been well received by the community. Recently, 18 of 24 featured student projects in a fall exhibit at the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) were from Wentworth students. In an effort to further build upon the existing relationship with the BSA and the successful launch party that took place in the BSA’s exhibition space in January, the students will be returning to the BSA on May 13 for a second, month-long exhibit of the magazine.

This year, 2,800 copies have been printed and are being sold for $10.00 each. 

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