November 08, 2012

The Clothesline Project Visits Wentworth

On November 8, the periodic sounds of gongs, whistles, and bells could be heard over the usual talking and pool-playing in the Flanagan Center. The sounds symbolized, respectively, how often a woman is battered, raped, or killed. The sounds were a part of a display from the Clothesline Project, a national organization aimed at spreading information about domestic abuse, sexual assault, and emotional abuse.

As the Outreach and Education Director for the Cape Cod branch of the Clothesline Project, Carol Chichetto spreads awareness about domestic abuse, particularly on college campuses. The project features shirts on which men and women have written their personal stories of abuse, hung on clotheslines, giving other people the opportunity to read and learn. There were also posters with more information about domestic abuse.  

“The Clothesline Project gives women the opportunity to write their stories and hang them in a public place for people to read and finally get to understand the devastating impact of violence against women —not only on the survivor, but on the people who care about that person,” said Chichetto.

Chichetto says she hopes that the shirts inspire men and women to suspend their judgment and help friends and family that say they are being abused. She says that blame and denial are a large part of the reason women don’t seek help. “The women who survived this made these shirts and I think that’s what breaks through the denial,” said Chichetto.

The Clothesline Project has been coming to Wentworth for several years.

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