May 03, 2012

The Top Model

In April, a trio of rising junior architecture students were given the opportunity to display their course work in the world-famous Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. The project? The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, on a much smaller scale.

As part of an arduous project spent researching and recreating unique building façades for two architecture classes, Material and Methods II and Design and Technology II Sophomore Studio, the students created a scale-model of the museum, right down to the insulation in the walls. The project is meant to help the students understand the relationship between the façade— the “skin” of a building—and the support structure of a building.

Tyler Kreshover, BSA ’14, and his classmates, Evan Cox, BSA ’14, and Patrick Boyle, BSA ’14, began their journey toward a temporary spot in the museum while exploring that vital relationship between façade and structure. They were taking measurements on-site when an interested employee mentioned how exciting it would be for their model to be featured in the museum. This was all the motivation Kreshover and his classmates needed.

Having your work featured in a world-famous museum is an indescribable honor, says Kreshover. But getting to that point was often tough and tedious—long hours spent experimenting with colors, days spent building model parts, and repeated measurements of every inch of the building.

But now, after all the hard work, Kreshover and his classmates have achieved something few people do in their lifetimes, much less before their junior year of college. “What’s so rewarding about architecture is that …we spend so much more time working on stuff, and in the end you have so much to show for it,” he said.

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