February 02, 2012

Two Facilities Management Students Awarded $2,500 Scholarship

In Rupan Parihar’s native India, facilities management is an unknown field.”If I were to go back,” she said, “then I’d definitely start something of my own, and kind of introduce this whole field there because it’s pretty much nonexistent."

These ambitious aspirations—along with her co-op experience—earned Parihar a $2,500 scholarship from the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA). Parihar and a second IFMA scholarship winner, senior Jack Camarota, were honored in October 2011 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Ariz.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students had to submit an essay, application, and letters of recommendation among other documents. Once the winners had been chosen and the students arrived, they were treated with a meet-and-greet on Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Camarota believes the honor of being chosen to attend World Workplace 2011, and winning the scholarship are testaments to the quality of Wentworth’s facilities management program. “I was really excited about it,” he said, “I think it really stands out for the school, it shows how well the program is doing.”

Camarota stumbled upon facility management after working in the grounds crew at Fenway Park, where he has worked for the past four years. Currently, Camarota is on co-op, working in facility and site services for Biogen Idec, a pharmaceutical company in Cambridge, Mass. He started his first co-op May 1, 2010, helping the company move into a new building; for his second co-op, he is currently planning the construction of two new buildings.

Parihar came to Wentworth from India to pursue a formal interior design education. After she arrived at Wentworth, Parihar decided to take her education in a new direction and came to the conclusion that a degree in facilities management would complement the interior design education she received in India, and open up more opportunities for her.

While Camarota plans to stay with Biogen Idec after graduation, Parihar is less sure, but no less ambitious in her goals for the future. “I feel like I can combine the two forces and do something bigger, not just restrict myself to design or facility management,” she said. “I have that advantage because I have an advanced diploma in design and I will have a degree in facility management.” 

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