January 19, 2011

Construction Management Launches Entrepreneurship Lecture Series

Leading Executives Share Industry Knowledge and Experience

Wentworth Institute of Technology’s Department of Construction Management will be hosting its sixth annual Entrepreneurship Lecture Series, which features guest lectures by five company presidents from the construction management, contracting, and banking industries.  The lectures are intended to give students tangible examples of how large, medium, and small businesses operate.

The students will learn how construction management firms, as well as other companies, are organized and how they structure their business plans. The format for the lectures provides an opportunity for students to engage in a discussion, ask questions, and learn first-hand information about any challenges that may be encountered when creating business plans. Developing a business plan is part of the required Construction Business and Finance course taken by senior students.

“Over the past five years, the lectures have greatly impacted our students’ ability to draft quality business plans and expand their knowledge and understanding of realities within the field of construction management,” said Dr. Mark Hasso, professor of construction management. “The Entrepreneurship Lecture Series introduces real-world examples to students and provides valuable learning opportunities.” 

The schedules for the lectures, which take place in Blount Auditorium, are as follows:

  • February 7: Anthony Consigli, president, Consigli Construction
  • February 9: Daniel McQuade, president, Tishman Construction East and West Division
  • February 11: Kevin Bernier, president, MOCA Systems
  • February 23: Thomas O’Connor, president, O’Connor Construction
  • March 4: Robert Rivers, president, Eastern Bank

Speakers will elaborate on their business’s history, development, and financing, as well as offer advice for graduating students looking to pursue similar careers. For more information, please contact Mark Hasso at 617-989-4176 or hassom@wit.edu.

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