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Mathematics and Physics

A guide to Mathematics and Physics resources at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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Find resources and tools aggregated especially for your course.

Core Resources

AccessScience | tutorial

AccessScience includes many important Scientific resources such as the the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology encyclopedia, the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, the Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography, as well as research updates from the McGraw-Hill Yearbooks of Science & Technology.

Knovel Answers for Science and Engineering | tutorial

Knovel Answers for Science and Engineering contains 100's of full-text handbooks for engineering, chemistry, construction materials, metals and metallurgy and more.

ENGnetBASE | How to download e-books

With access to the latest handbooks in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, the ENGnetBASE Engineering Collection is sure to power your research to the next level.


SpringerLink provides access to millions of scientific documents from journals and books in a wide range of subjects. All are easily downloadable/printable in PDF format. To limit your search to subscribed content, uncheck the box “Include Preview-Only content”.

Applied Science & Technology Full Text

Applied Science and Technology features full text, graphs, charts, diagrams, photos, and illustrations that convey an abundance of data in scientific and technical articles.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics | How to download e-books

The most recent edition of the CRC handbook, online.

Additional Resources

JSTOR | tutorial

Used by millions for research, teaching, and learning. With more than a thousand academic journals and over 1 million images, letters, and other primary sources, JSTOR is one of the world's most trusted sources for academic content.

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