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NEW! Unit Converter with over 1,000 units, 90 properties, and performs math functions!

To help engineers increase calculation efficiency while maintaining high levels of accuracy we have revamped a popular tool: the Knovel Unit Converter

Designed for Engineers:The Knovel Unit Converter now incorporates a full-fledged math engine, offering engineers increased accuracy and reliability. The Knovel Unit Converter includes over 1000 units, 90 properties and performs math functions.

image unit converter interface

Mobile Friendly: The new interface automatically adjusts for optimal use on a tablet or a smartphone; use the converter anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection!

Saves Time: New features eliminate the use of preliminary calculations. The Input Value can be numerals or a combination of numerals, mathematical operators and functions. The value will be calculated automatically. This reduces the number of steps and helps save time.

Improved Functionality: Unlike most unit converters, Knovel's new Unit Converter allows users to create custom units by selecting and combining the over 1,000 unit measurements available in the library.

The Unit Converter is easy to share with friends and colleagues and provides one click access to additional Knovel tools.

Watch this short video to learn more about using the new features of the Unit Converter.

Recieved from Knovel November 12, 2012.

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