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Tips for Better Search Results

Use these tips when using a search engine to optimize your results.

Be specific
Use nouns and unique words
Use multiple terms when possible
If your topic is "human morality in Star Wars" you could search for:  morals, moral philosophy, ethics, movies, star wars, etc.
Use quotes around phrases
so the search engine will search for the words as a phrase not as separate words
To look for a complete term, rather than individual words in a term, use quotes around it:
"Star Wars Episode I"
String words together
so the search engine will search for the words only if they appear together
Use hyphens between words to find them only when they are next to each other in a page. So Star Wars becomes Star-Wars
Use a plus sign to require words
Search engines may remove common words from your search, such as: an, and, the, I, where, how
Add a plus sign (+) in front of a common word to include it. So Episode I becomes Episode +I

Check the advanced features of your search engine to discover other tips for searching.