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Brainstorm Keywords

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No matter where you're searching, you will need to pick out the most important keywords. These are generally nouns.
How does a college education affect a retail manager's salary?

Other related words might be:
College education Wentworth Institute of Technology, degree, training, instruction, schooling
Retail Macy's, Lowe's, sales, store, retailer occupation, vocation, business,
Manager supervisor, managerial, management person,  profession, career
Salary pension, wage, wages, paycheck, take-home pay compensation, contract, money, payment

The list you make will help you search for your topic. Note that both narrow and broad related words are included. When you brainstorm related words, be sure to include everything you can think of. An online thesaurus may help, such as Merriam-Webster’s at http://m-w.com/. More about searching for your topic is in the modules on Using the Catalog, Finding Articles, and Using the Web.