Books cover virtually any topic, fact or fiction. Books that synthesize all the information on one topic may be the most useful for your research. However, you may also use books in which only some of the chapters address your topic.

Libraries organize and store their book collections on shelves called stacks. Many books are now available electronically on the Web (e-books) and are purchased by your library.

Use a Book...
  • when looking for an extensive amount of information on a topic.
  • to put your topic in context with other important issues.
  • to find historical information.
  • to find summaries of research to support an argument.
  • to find bibliographies that point to other relevant research.
Examples of Books:
  • Dan Steinbock. The Birth of Internet Marketing Communications, 2000.
  • Gary B. Nash, ed. The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society, 1990.
  • Lydia Davis. Samuel Johnson is Indignant: Stories, 2001.