EMPOWER - Terms of Use

The version of EMPOWER currently available for download is considered a 'beta' version. EMPOWER will soon have a license available concerning the use and reproduction of the tutorial.

While a license is being prepared we request that the use of EMPOWER conform to these rules:

1) Please keep the following reference on the main page of the tutorial and the title page of each module.
"Original EMPOWER material 2007 is a tutorial developed by Wichita State University Libraries. EMPOWER incorporates material from inflite, a tutorial developed by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 2003, and Searchpath, a tutorial developed by Western Michigan University, 2001-2002, both of which are based on material from TILT, a tutorial developed by the Digital Information Literacy Office for the University of Texas System Digital Library, 1998-2002. This material may be reproduced, distributed, or incorporated only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the EMPOWER Open Publication License."
2) EMPOWER may be modified as you see fit, but modified versions must be labeled as such.

3) Libraries cannot guarantee technical help with the customization of EMPOWER.

4) Please inform us of any technical problems you experience with EMPOWER, or if you discover any errors with the material.

Before downloading the files please provide us with the following contact information. We would like to inform you about future updates to EMPOWER and notify you when our license of use is completed.


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