Faculty Mentors

Faculty technology mentors are instructors who have used learning technologies in their classrooms to enhance student learning. Mentors are not necessarily technology excepts; they are faculty members who have refined best practices for using technology within their courses.

Phil Comeau

Phil Comeau is an Associate Professor of Architecture at Wentworth. Phil teaches both traditional face to face courses and hybrid courses using a range of technologies including web-conferencing, lecture capture, clickers, and Blackboard Vista.

Cristina Cosma

Cristina Cosma is an Assistant Professor of Construction Management at Wentworth. Cristina uses many tools within Blackboard to manage her face-to-face and hybrid courses including assignments, quizzes, and learning modules. In addition, Cristina also creates multimedia content for her courses using screen capture software.

Robert Cowherd

Robert Cowherd has been an Associate Professor of Architecture at Wentworth since September 2006. He teaches advanced studio and seminar courses in the new master’s degree program. He also teaches lecture courses on the history and theory of architecture and urbanism. Before earning a BArch from Cooper Union and a PhD from MIT he worked as a builder and engineer. Robert uses Blackboard for short writing assignments, exams and quizzes, and assignment submissions.

Ophir Feldman

Ophir’s undergraduate studies included a mathematics major and a minor in computer science. After a short stint in the actuarial field he returned to school to do his graduate work in mathematics. He taught a year at Wellesley College and has been at Wentworth since the fall of 2006.

Ophir has integrated technology in his geometry classes where students used Google Earth to help understand the geometry of the sphere and various websites to help visualize other weird geometries like the klein bottle. He is looking to collaborate with faculty working on interesting projects (perhaps in areas with a connection to mathematics or needing some math) with any math or technology skills they need.

Frederick Kuhn

Fredrick Kuhn is a member of the design facilities department and teaches courses in history of design and interiors. He had a 20-year professional career as architect, interior designer and industrial designer before joining Wentworth full-time in 1988. He has done extensive work creating a variety of assessment tools in Blackboard. Fredrick is looking forward to working with faculty who are interested in utilizing Blackboard for both formal and informal assessment. In addition to Blackboard, he can offer help with grading using Excel and other Mac-specific software.

Mark John Isola

Mark John Isola, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Management. Mark John teaches literature, humanities, and composition courses and deploys a web-enhanced pedagogy in all of his courses. This pedagogy is in keeping with Mark John’s scholarly interest in postmodernism, cultural studies, and digital age pedagogy. In addition to using the web for professional imprinting and Facebook groups for student updates, Mark John makes Blackboard discussion boards an essential part of his courses.

Ali Moazed

Ali R. Moazed is a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program. In addition to twenty five years of industrial and consulting experience, he has taught mechanical engineering courses full or part-time prior to joining Wentworth. At Wentworth, he teaches design related courses in the BMET program. He believes in teaching from the perspective of a practicing academician by bringing into the classroom topics related to the practice of engineering, along with the latest pedagogical tools. He is a strong believer in trying out modern pedagogical tools to determine what works in the classroom. He uses Blackboard along with online testing to encourage students to keep up with reading assignments, Google DOCS for collaborative work and e-portfolio to document student projects.

His expertise is in the area of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and as an engineering consultant, he provides FEA services to the Utility, Industrial, and Commercial clients nationwide. These services include design analysis, design verification, design modification, design optimization, and failure analysis. He is a registered professional engineer in states of Massachusetts and California.

Peter Rourke

Peter Rourke is an Associate Professor in the electronics and mechanical department. He has been teaching at Wentworth for 25 years. His focus is in the manufacturing field, primarily computer aided manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Peter has been using web based instruction techniques as a means to increase contact with students, and expand learning beyond the scheduled lecture and lab hours. As sophisticated manufacturing equipment becomes more expensive and diverse, we have fewer pieces in our labs. Scheduling student use and experience on the lab equipment and avoiding long wait lines is becoming more of a challenge. On line strategies such as process simulations, automated assessments, and e-portfolio submissions have proved to be an effective means for the student to demonstrate proficiency before they need the actual equipment to fabricate their parts.

John Russo

John Russo is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Wentworth. John has experience teaching traditional courses as well as hybrid and online courses. John uses many different technologies in his courses including Blackboard, screen capture

Cindy Stevens

Cindy Stevens is an Associate Professor in the HSSM Department. She teaches an array of management, writing, and computer science courses as well as distance courses for a North Carolina Community College. In addition, she works as a Technical Writer for Prentice Hall.

Cindy has worked extensively with Blackboard and is comfortable using Respondus and discussion boards within her courses. She also believes strongly in electronic portfolios and enjoys exploring new ways of demonstrating learning electronically. Her teaching strategies include a Web-facilitated classroom environment making use of a course management system, no matter whether the course is face-to-face, hybrid, or completely online.

Durga Suresh

Associate Professor in Computer Science, Durga Suresh is close to completing 9 years at Wentworth. She has been enthusiastically involved with many action committees at Wentworth. Very passionate about education and knowledge imparting methods, Durga is currently collaborating on a paper titled ‘Hybrid Teaching in Small Class-rooms’ – an endeavor at moving away from a teaching-centered approach and more towards student-centered teaching with just apt and adequate technology to make the student’s learning experience richer. Along with this, Durga was also a part of the laptop program that was involved in bringing laptops to all students at Wentworth and dove-tailed to this is her specialty which is creating online learning communities among students.

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