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Naming Opportunities

William H. Flanagan Campus Center

The Campus Center.  William H. Flanagan Campus Center at Beatty Hall is a touchstone in so many ways for the Wentworth community. As one of the most public buildings on campus, it is a facility integral to the daily lives of many Wentworth constituents – students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The building is a rich blend of spaces that create not only a social hub, but a place that encourages cultural and academic engagement. 
$10,000,000 FUNDED - William H. Flanagan

Dining Commons. Today’s students want the right food at the right price, anytime, in a convenient location.  The dining hall is located on the first level overlooking the Pavilion.  The food service seating location is just off the cafeteria with large and small seating for groups encouraging conversation and dining. Meal equivalency programs integrated with the “Fenway card” declining balance systems are used to better meet the needs of the 21st Century student.

Dining [late night café].  This dining area serves students and faculty who are working and studying past the regular cafeteria dining hours. It provides the WIT community a place to refresh, meet, and study.

Ideas & Buildings.   A great student life building is a unique symbol of the values, aspirations, culture, history and traditions of the Institute; both in philosophy and form. The Campus Center will be constructed using 'green' building principles to be as energy efficient as possible, including natural lighting and ventilation. While much of the project will be funded through Institute’s cash reserves, we are seeking an additional $1 million to fund equipment, computers, furniture and landscaping that are important elements woven into the fabric of the campus center.

Fitness Center.  Successful planning processes will address the health and wellness of the community and enable students to learn and practice lifelong behaviors to promote physical, intellectual and mental health. The newly renovated fitness center encourages personal health with the latest fitness equipment located in the ground level in a vibrant, open space.
$500,000 FUNDED - Douglas D. Schuman

Pavilion. The Pavilion located off of the front entrance is a large open space surrounded with glass on three sides overlooking the quad with comfortable seating.

Town Square. Integrated offerings, wellness and creating a healthy environment are at the heart of Beatty Hall.  Located on the ground floor entrance, centrally located, is the first community gathering area within the building.  The information desk, elevator, radio station, multiple breakout areas and fitness center are all located off the Town Square.

The Space Between

Faculty & Staff Lounge. This flexible space is designed to allow maximum adaptability. Located on the second floor, the faculty meeting room is an open area with opportunity for planned and spontaneous collaboration. It is large enough to hold functions of different sizes that benefit the entire community.

Circulation Desk. The circulation desk currently in the library is located just outside the elevator giving the view its first visual upon exiting the elevator and stairwell.

Meeting Room [intercultural]. Symbolizing the values and vision of Wentworth located within the ground level, this meeting room encourages group study as well as social, communicative interaction by all cultures.
$50,000 FUNDED - Martin D. Guyer

Meditation Room. Embracing opportunities to improve and preserve health and well-being, this meeting room, also located on the ground level next to the Intercultural Meeting Room, has no spiritual denomination associated with it. It is a quiet space for students and faculty to recharge through meditation and quiet contemplation.
$50,000 FUNDED - Michele Whitham

Breakout Area.  Located throughout the ground level and one on the second level, the breakout areas provide students and faculty areas to catch some quiet, private time and for small, informal meeting areas.  Informal office breakout areas are to encourage relaxation and relationship building.
$25,000 each, 3 left
$25,000 1 FUNDED - J.C. Cannistraro

Elevator Tower. The campus center will be equipped with an elevator that will service the levels one through four.  Opportunities to names the elevator landings are available.
$15,000 each
Main Lobby Elevator Tower FUNDED - Dr. Ronald Ritucci

Meeting Room. Located throughout the ground floor, 1st and 2nd levels, these meeting rooms are designed for small to medium groups.
1 Conference Room FUNDED - Gilbane Building Company

Recreation Room. The recreation meeting room is located on the ground level giving students and faculty a place to play.  Pool tables and games are located throughout the room.
$10,000 FUNDED - Jan Piccarini & Family

Radio Station. Located right behind Time Square, the student-managed WIT WIRE radio station with its signature red glass allows passersby a view of the action. It is a great opportunity for students to get real life experience working in and around the broadcast booth.
$50,000 FUNDED - Stephen and Mindy Fusi

Interior Space [open space]. “Pocket spaces” are small, indoor spaces that create informal places for private study, small group meetings or quite relaxation in between classes.

Outdoor Connections

Exterior Space [green roof]. The green roof is just that, filled with landscaping and dispersed seating allowing for quiet, intimate seating located on the Ward side of the building.

Exterior Space [roof terrace]. Located on the quad side, the roof terrace gives students and faculty the opportunity to meet outside and enjoy a beautifully, landscaped terrace.

Exterior Space [bike storage]. With more and more students and faculty commuting to the campus by bike, the bike storage gives easy access and close proximity to safely store their vehicles of choice.

Media Wall. Located on the front façade, the large format digital display can be used for broadcasting “movie night” on the quad, WIT sporting events or live news feed of special events. With its digital capabilities, if you can imagine it, the media wall can display it.

Inspire. Engage. Recognize.

To celebrate the generosity of alumni and friends, any gift of $5,000 or more over the course of the 2 year campaign, will be honored on a commemorative donor wall.