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Students of Tomorrow

Anita Petrilli and Justin Stahler

For two Wentworth students in different majors, the new facilities opening up on the campus are already impacting their education and futures.

Anita PetrilliAnita Petrilli
Biomedical Engineering ’15:

Anita Petrilli, Biomedical Engineering ’15, entered Wentworth as a freshman in fall of 2008 majoring in interior design. Anita made up her mind to attend Wentworth on her first visit: "I knew Wentworth was for me the day I set foot on campus. I liked the small campus in a big city and not too far from my home in Braintree, MA," says Petrilli. "I like Wentworth because I see familiar people every day, I’m never a stranger and I’m never alone. I like small classes because I like to ask questions."

Anita got involved with the honor society on campus and organized a fundraiser for a local hospital. From that experience Anita learned something new about herself: "I like solving problems, and I wanted a greater connection with people," So Anita flipped from the art side of her brain to the math and science side.

Returning to Wentworth to pursue a biomedical engineering major was a last minute decision Anita made two months before school started up this fall. "I met with Shankar Krishnan, Chairman of the department. He is personally invested in each student’s success, he keeps us on track." What Anita likes most about the new biomedical engineering program is the lab time. "You can learn about anything all day, but putting it to use in a lab means a lot. I like the hands on advantage that makes Wentworth graduates special."

Plus, Anita likes the sense of belonging she feels inside the new Ira Allen Center for Sciences and Biomedical Engineering. "We have our professors, our study spaces and our labs all in one place. The new space makes us a real part of the Wentworth community."

Justin StahlerJustin Stahler
Construction Management ’13:

Justin Stahler, Construction Management ’13, didn’t have to travel far to get to his latest co-op. As part of the Shawmut Design and Construction team responsible for the two-phase project to renovate the Wentworth’s Flanagan Campus Center, Stahler’s commute was just a cross-campus stroll.

"This co-op has given me the opportunity to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to real life experiences," says Stahler. “Despite how busy everyone was, the individuals I worked closely with from Shawmut took the time to share with me their infinite wisdom.”

On the Flanagan project, Stahler worked directly with Shawmut’s project manager and was responsible for onsite safety management, process submittals, and assisting the project manager prepare for weekly meetings with senior management and the project architects. Stahler also used two different software programs crucial for construction management, one for editing blueprints and the other for processing submittals and requests for information. "This unique experience helped grow my confidence and solidified my desire to work in this field."