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Students of Tomorrow

Brian Conway and Annamaria Wenner

Though one is still a student, and the other is the longtime Dean of Students, Brian Conway and Annamaria Wenner have something very important in common: a passion for serving the Wentworth community and ensuring that students get the most out of their college experience.

That’s why they’re both thrilled to see how the new facilities opening up on the campus will impact the lives of Wentworth students, faculty, and staff.

Brian ConwayBrian Conway
Computer Networking ’15:

Brian Conway chose Wentworth for its great location, the strong academic focus, the hardworking students, the school’s innovative laptop program, and the "real world" experience provided by the co-op programs.

Now that he’s been a student here for a couple of years, however, there’s much more he’s excited about—especially the chance to grow as a leader, and being part of an active and vibrant student body.

Brian has a big smile and infectious energy, which make him the right candidate to support hundreds of students through his main extracurricular activities, Wentworth Student Government and the Division of Technology Services.

At DTS, Brian is responsible for ensuring that everyone on campus stays "connected." Stationed in the Flanagan Center, Brian supports the technology needs of students, faculty, and staff, so people can get both work – and play – done.

Brian values the new building as a thriving hub for student activity: "The Flanagan center is tremendously beneficial to all of our students, whether they come in each day as a commuter, or live on campus. We’ve got everything from commuter programs, to a fitness center, to free WiFi, to an internet radio station, to tutoring spots, to meeting space for clubs and student leaders… all in one place. It’s going to make for a better student experience, and draw us even closer as a community."

Annamaria WennerAnnamaria Wenner

Annamaria Wenner also cares about the Wentworth student experience. As the Dean of Students since 2006—and the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs before that from 1997 to 2006—she leads nine different offices that touch every aspect of a student’s life, from Wellness Education to Career Services to Housing and Residential Life. After more than 15 years of advocacy, she believes her most important calling is to help each Wentworth student overcome their obstacles and realize their own exciting future.

That calling is in no small part inspired by what she describes as the unique nature of a Wentworth student: "There’s no sense of entitlement in our students. They know they have to work hard to get what they want, and they’re not afraid of rolling up their sleeves to make it happen."

Things have changed, too, over the years that Annamaria has been here: "While our student body has changed over the years, as the school has changed, our work ethic hasn’t gone anywhere. Our students don’t come here to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives. They know what they want to do, and they’re doing everything in their power to get there."

Annamaria is proud to work alongside such dedicated people: "If I can be a part of that, I’m thrilled."

As the campus facilities continue to expand and develop, Annamaria sees big things ahead: "Everything we’ve been doing is creating a stronger Wentworth for all of us, whether we live on campus or come here each day. We’ve got a place to be proud of here."