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Students of Tomorrow

Nick Testa and Al Spagnolo

Two Architecture graduates, just over 40 years apart… but each one is making a valuable contribution to one of the most important projects in Wentworth’s history.

 Nicholas Testa, BSA ’11:

“When I was young my parents noticed that I liked to create and build things. They encouraged me to explore my talent.”

Nick wasn’t sure anything would come of his interests—until he found himself wanting to explore his passions in his late teens.  Soon Nick was headed to Wentworth from his small town in southeastern Massachusetts.

From Small Town to Big City Opportunities

“I was overwhelmed by the size of the city of Boston, being from somewhere so much smaller! But Wentworth is set up in such a way that the campus feels welcoming—and the down-to-earth staff and professors made the transition all the better.”

Nick got down to work in his courses, and soon he was showing a ton of promise.  When the time came to take a co-op position with a local firm, Al Spagnolo—another Wentworth grad—was looking for a smart, motivated student to take part in the effort to transform Beatty Hall into the new Flanagan Campus Center.

Nick hit the ground running at Spagnolo, Gisness & Associates (SGA), and quickly became one of the most valuable members of the team.

"I gained invaluable experience during my time at SGA, and developed confidence in my work -- and chosen direction. The co-op experience was truly one of the most important steps in my education."

 Al Spagnolo, AET ’70:

Lifelong Pursuit

Just like Nick, Al Spagnolo, co-founder of SGA, was showing an aptitude for his life’s calling years before he would actually pursue it.

As a fifth-grader in Providence, RI, he used to sit by the window of his family’s apartment, sketching variations on the city’s skyline.

“The Wentworth experience was transformational for me. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the rigor of pursuing architecture—but with all the hands-on, real-world experience I gained, and the personalized attention I received from the faculty, I realized what was possible. I don’t think I could have received that kind of education anywhere else.”

Confidence in Co-op

Now Al is one of Wentworth’s biggest supporters—and he’s been taking on co-op students just like Nick for two decades now. He’s confident that they have the “chops” to make things happen and contribute to the team on the first day they arrive at his firm.

“There is much that has evolved and grown at Wentworth, especially from a program and technology standpoint.”